segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2018

Blame the victim - III

The fans complain, children cry, players shrug, the general public laughs, and Wenger plays victim and insists he is still the right man for the job. What a drama! All the while, the match day revenue generated by the Emirates Stadium remains higher than any other football stadium in the world!! That is pretty amazing!! So, here goes, I'm gonna blame this state of affairs on the true victim: the fans.

Yes, I'm doing just that! I'm going down that horrible road!! Yes, supporters of Arsenal, the laughing stock of European football, you have brought this weekly humiliation upon yourselves! Yes, you should totally support your team no matter what! But why support the leeches that care for nothing except the money the club generates? It is so easy to change things at the club, so easy! Just stop buying tickets to the games at home! Really, you should try it!!

Support your team outside the stadium! Watch the game on your cell phones, on the radio, outside the stadium, make your voices heard inside the stadium, celebrate every single goal the team scores, chant victories all night long ... just don't buy game tickets or any other items inside the stadium! Do that for the rest of this season, and I bet you a beer that next year Arsene Wenger will be gone and things will have changed. 

But if you decide to continue to fund those leeches, week after week, nothing will change and the you'll own it. All of it! And you'll continue to be the laughing stock of Europe. Its really your choice. 

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