segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2017

Pronto, lá ficou o Benfica em 4º lugar na Taça da Liga

Ãã? O quê?, afinal o jogo de hoje era para a Liga? Não pode. É que no Final Four da Taça da Liga o Vitória de Setúbal foi eliminado pelo Braga e o Benfica foi eliminado pelo Moreirense.

Eu bem que estranhei que a final Braga-Moreirense estivesse a ser jogada antes do jogo do 3º e 4º lugar...

For ..., Google suggests ...

SLB - Schlumberger Limited. NYSE: SLB
SCP - SCP Foundation - a fictional organization.
FCP - Final Cup Pro X - Apple.

Não se percebe...

Quem olhar para as capas do Record e de A Bola de hoje até parece que foi o Benfica que ganhou a Taça da Liga... palmas para o O Jogo que dá o devido destaque ao Moreirense.

Aprendam com o L'Équipe que apesar dum PSG-Mónaco decide destacar a vitória de França no Campeonato do Mundo de Andebol bem como a fantástica vitória do suiço Roger Federer.

Outra coisa que não se percebe é que continuam a assobiar Cristiano Ronaldo!... (?!??) É o cúmulo da estupidez e ingratidão. A menos que queiram mesmo que ele jogue mal, para parar de bater recordes.

domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2017

Cá para mim se fosse uma equipa de alemães ou americanas, a decisão seria outra...

24 Horas de Daytona: polémica deixa Albuquerque e Barbosa em 2º

Cheguei a esta notícia por acaso. Vi o final da corrida online. Filipe Albuquerque foi retirado da pista pelo Taylor!! Os comentadores na altura achavam que haveria penalização para Taylor mas depois veio a informação segundo a qual não haveria penalização nenhuma. Palhaços. 

quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2017

A sorte grande e a aproximação

Notícias do Benfica:
  • Venda de Gonçalo Guedes ao PSG por 30 milhões
  • Renovação de Rui Vitória
  • Renovação de Ederson
  • Renovação de Pizzi

Notícias do Sporting:

domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2017

This is insane

Real Madrid fans were booing Cristiano Ronaldo today again. HOW can do that? How can they do that even on a day where he misses a penalty, makes a penalty and scores in his own net? How can they boo the best player in the world? Were Bulls fans ever going to boo Michael Jordan? I mean, this is absolutely insane. Cristiano Ronaldo is a man, not a machine (though sometimes he performs like one). He has his ups and downs like any human. Do Real Madrid fans prefer him to be at his low in March or April??

Deep deep down, they can't stand the fact that he's portuguese and not spanish.

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Another inaugurationlike speech to keep in mind

Trump inauguration special guest

Breaking News!!!

Just In. Ahead of this inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump scores another major victory in his battle to bring jobs back to America. In a joint press conference, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Subway have announced that they will close down all their overseas operations by March 1st, and transfer all overseas operations back to the US. This move represents a recovery of at least 1 million American jobs.

segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2017

Dimitri Payet causes more knee injuries

After disabling Cristiano Ronaldo during the EURO 2016 final, the French mercenary is now set to put West Ham on its knees. I'm sure, this time its also completely unintentional. Not!! This freak has no respect for fellow players and no loyalty to his team. 

Leoes de Alvalade vao A manicure!

Com garras pouco afiadas, e com o verniz a estalar, os Leoes de Alvalade la terao que ir retocar as unhas. Mas onde? Alguem sabera?

Orange is the new Black

It's something much more fashionable, happening right now. 
All over the media, all the time. Everywhere. Day and night.

It's the worlds first panoptic-media reality show, playing 24-7 on radio and on TV, in the press (newspapers and magazines), on the internet and on social media.

Here is a hint:
Orange is the new Black.
It's what everyone is talking about!

Previews have been running for months. 

Quando não há guito...

...não há... 

domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2017

Portuguese coaches

Great weekend for:

  • Marco Silva: 1st game in the Premier League, a win for Hull City
  • Paulo Sousa: Fiorentina 2 - Juventus 1
  • Leonardo Jardim: Monaco beats Marseille 4 - 1 in Marseille.
  • Carlos Carvalhal: 2 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday win over a direct rival.
PS- after this post, this interesting article came out (in portuguese).
PPS- I forgot to mention Sérgio Conceição at Nantes. 

sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2017

Initiation to the Pandemonium

To enter the Pandemonium, every Barcelona Parrot wannabe must sell his soul and make a solemn oath of eternal love to their one and only truth: that Messi is, was, and always will be the best player that ever existed. Bolague has uncovered the following snippet from the Pandemonium book of feathers:

" ... I, #complete name#, do solemnly pledge to raise my beak, flap my wings, and scream screeching squawks, to defend, uphold, and spread our one and only Truth!! to the entire world! Let there be no doubt!! Messi is not only great, he is the greatest, ever!!!! ... I also promise do let other Parrots poop upon me if I ever fail at raising Messi's name higher than any Parrot can fly ..."

Do parrots hibernate?

Yes. Some do. Like the Barcelona Parrots ... After another chaotic mating season without any offspring, most Barcelona Parrots now hibernate.

You have to read it to believe it. Fired for telling a self evident truth

Barcelona exec fired for suggesting Messi is only so good because of his teammates

A high-level executive at Barcelona is out of a job after he suggested maybe Lionel Messi isn’t worth all the hype. Hours after Pere Gratacos, Barcelona’s director of sports institutional relations, implied Messi wouldn’t be as good without his teammates, the club announced he was being relieved of his role.
“Leo is one of the most important people in the team, but it’s not just about him,” Gratacos said after Friday’s Copa del Rey draw in Madrid. “He would not be as good without [Andres] Iniesta, Neymar and company, but Messi is the best.”
The club quickly issued a statement later Friday announcing Gratacos has been “dismissed” from his position “for having publicly expressed a personal opinion that does not coincide with that” of the club.
This is unbelievable. By dismissing him, Barcelona is acknowledging Gratacos is right.

How did he reach such conclusion? I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Gratacos' been reading Bolague...

Bruno de Carvalho fala verdade!

Bruno de Carvalho: «Desde que estou aqui não houve nenhum conflito iniciado pelo Sporting»

Pode nao parecer, mas E verdade! Todos os conflitos sao iniciados pelo Bruno de Carvalho e pelo Jorge Jesus!

quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2017

Noticias a la sopa da pedra ... ao qual se acrescenta mais um salinho.

Numa noticia sobre "as preocupacoes da UEFA com o aumento do fosso financeiro entre clubes ricos e pobres", ABola "cita" um artigo no Daily Mail para afirmar o seguinte:

"De acordo com o Daily Mail, o Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Liverpool e Arsenal estão cada vez mais longe dos restantes equipas a nível financeiro e podem contratar os jogadores que quiserem."

O artigo do Daily Mail nao diz nada disso!!!! No paragrafo onde todos estes clubes sao mencionados, the Daily Mail tambem menciona a Juventus. Vaiam la perguntar A Juventus se conseguiu contratar o Witsel?????? Mas como A noticia do Daily Mail faltava um pouco de sal, Abola la vez o obsequio ...

Claro que o principal obreiro do fosso entre ricos e pobres E a UEFA ... a dita preocupacao da UEFA E apenas para ingles ver. Mas se calhar, a UEFA esta, isso sim, preocupada com o facto de os grandes clubes europeu nao terem poder financeiro para competir com os clubes chineses.

quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

The parrot-driven damage control campaign has officialy started

‘Messi does not need to win a World Cup, he is already among the football greats’

Ah ah ah, these parrots keep talking. They realize Messi has the skill but he's running out of time when it comes to win big titles with the National Team. They fail to see that if Cristiano Ronaldo was argentinian, Argentina would have already won at least one World Cup and a couple of Copas Americas...

If Messi is THAT good, like Maradona and Pelé, how come he can't win a trophy with one of the top 4 best talented nations in football? (I'm counting Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina; one could add Italy or France to that group, sure). Argentina has such great talent! Argentina without Messi is always a contender for a World Cup title or for a win at the Copa America!! He has made good games for Argentina, sure, but how come he adds nothing to the argentinian National Team, when it comes to titles, at least?

Messi is good, very good, actually excellent but he is so especially when he has the likes of Iniesta, Javi, Busquets behind him... They are like road builders. They consistently open for Messi in Barça huge dribbling highways. And their ball possession is so good that they win a lot of free kicks in dangerous positions for Messi to score. But unfortunately for Argentina... they are spanish, not argentinian...

Come to think of it... for some reason Spain won several titles in a row.

terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2017

Bolague's Sore Losers award goes to ...

The 2016 Sore Losers award goes to Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez e Gerard Piqué.

By not showing up at the FIFA's The Best awards ceremony, Messi and his company of parrots automatically won the title of worlds greatest Sore Losers of 2016!!!

Even Maradona, Iniesta, and Dani Alves criticized the decision of ... these soaring losers.

segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2017

Fake it until you make it?!!

"O que sabe Marco Silva da Premier League?"

Pelos vistos, sabe mais que Paul Merson, um "pundit" da treta que aparenta desconhecer o facto de Marco Silva vir substituir um treinador ingles, Mike Phelan.

E a ignorância não acaba aqui. No seguimento A saída xenófoba, saiu-se com esta pérola:
"There’s enough British managers out there, come the top of my head, 
why not Thierry Henry?"
Fica a pergunta: O que sabe Paul Merson da Premier League?

Speak now, parrots!

Fabio Coentrão said it before!!

He was being ironic. So, actually, shut up now, Barcelona parrots!!!


...the Best:

Better than all the rest.
CR7. Who else?

Lima a caminho do ...

... and pigs can fly!

sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2017

Pela boca morre o peixe

Linda esta conferência de imprensa de Jesus. Era um objectivo: "Títulos, é para isso que trabalhamos". E em vez de falar do apuramento para as meias-finais, já estava a falar da final da Taça da Liga... Saíu.lhe o tiro pela culatra... esse objectivo teve um Mau fim.

Mas o melhor está no final do video. É que para ele o adversário para a final era indiferente? Não, para ele o adversário para a final era independente...

Does Marc O'Silva have Aflac?

Quem? Hillary Trump???

quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

What a bunch of helpless losers

O Sporting é um clube que me continua a dar muitas alegrias (por exº, ontem ao ser eliminado da Taça da Liga de uma forma risível) mas realmente o nível dos seus responsáveis é... indescritível.

Montam uma reacção de indignação perante o penalti que dá a vitória ao Vitória...Certamente para desviar a atenção das duas perdidas incríveis de um dos seus "craques"... (ver os lances aos 88 e 89 minutos). Depois há um penalti contra eles (que não haveria se André tivesse feito golo numa daquelas ocasiões...; ou mesmo se houvesse um outro penalti, o resultado seria certamente empate e o Sporting passaria). Mas... é penalti!!!! Basta ver as imagens com atenção. Quer quando se vê o lance pela primeira vez, quer nas repetições vê-se que é penalti.

E como se o Vitória tivesse culpa da incompetência do Sporting, decide a direcção do clube do Campo Grande que tem de interromper o empréstimo de 2 jogadores ao clube setubalense. Nas palavras do Presidente do Vitória foi uma «vingança pura e dura». Mas ainda recentemente JJ tinha dito que o empréstimo era para continuar:
Recorde-se que ainda em dezembro, após o triunfo do Sporting no Bonfim para a Taça de Portugal, Jorge Jesus tinha dado como certa a continuidade dos jogadores no emblema sadino. «Têm mais uns cinco ou seis meses para potenciar as qualidades aqui no V. Setúbal», referiu em conferência de imprensa.
What a bunch of helpless losers.

Papagaios de papel

A impresa espanhola e catalã que ganha a vida a denegrir o CR7.
Voam inveja ao sabor do vento.

Sopra o Solano? Contam as conquistas colectivas.
Sopra o Llevantades? Contam as caracteristicas e metricas individuais.
Sopra o Leveche? Contam apenas aqueles com talento natural.

Voam inveja ao sabor do vento.

Simples joeiras que o CR7 concerteza ja dominava quando puto.
Simples joeiras … que nao fazem melhor que tapar o sol com uma peneira.

Deve ser coisa de loiros e loiras

Em bom Portunhol ou Espanholês ou ...

Senyor Lloro: Mira, Messi fue rubio!!
un chico tuga: Qué??? No, Messi fue ... loiro!!! 
Senyor Lloro: Qué??? Yo soy Lloro. Messi pelo fue rubio. Qué hermoso!!
un chico tuga: Qué??? Tu loiro? Tu calvo!! Messi loiro!!
Senyor Lloro: No!!! Mi nombre es Lloro, lloro como en aves. Messi pelo es rubio!! 
un chico tuga: Qué??? Eres un pajaro? Un pajaro que habla? Como un ... papagaio?? Mira!!

W(h)ine and Cheese pairings for Barcelona Parrots

This may turn out to be another Messi affair, but for what its worth, I recommend the following pairing: Madeira & Gorgonzola. A bit of warmth and comfort from the wine and a bit of bite from the cheese. Served with a Madeira embroidery napkin ... to clean those beaks and dry those tears.

quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017


Ahhhh, the Barça parrots. An exceptionally vocal flock! A pandemonium. Their constant whining over Cristiano Ronaldo's accomplishments does indeed sound like a "wild uproar of unrestrained disorder" ... a tumult of fallen angels tortured by demons inside the capital of Hell. Every time CR7 scores any win or breaks any record or prepares to horde yet another award, them parrots cry out in despair as if their salvation from the whip of Satan depended on it.

Another parrot...


This Javier Quemente is just another parrot. It's unbelievable, the choir of parrots just before the Balon D'Or and now again ahead of the FIFA Player of the year award. For some reason they divided the awards, so that Messi has a chance of winning something.

 "He does different things and the sum of those parts lifts him to first place.

He must be talking about Cristiano Ronaldo!
Let's rank them, M and CR (0-10, except for the last item)
Passing M-10 CR-9
Dribling M-10 CR-9
Scoring M-9 CR-10
Speed: M-8 CR-9
Help in defense M-5 CR-7
Using the Head M-4 CR-10
Impact on club team M-8 CR-9
Impact on national team M-7 CR-9
National team titles M-0 CR-1

So, who's the most complete football player?

"Cristiano has better abdominals, a height advantage, and he headers better. There are thing that Cristiano does better, but Messi beats him in technique, ability and vision, and that's that.

What a clown! Did he really checked Messi's abs and make a comparison? Why bring the abs to the discussion?... As if implying CR7 is considered better because of his looks? Regarding height, Messi has an advantage, because a lower height helps him in doing the things he is praised for (passing and dribling), so Javier Comoelmente says CR7 is taller to concede something that is fallacious (because then he talks about heading the ball, so he's saying "he heads better the ball but as I just said he's taller...").

"He should be happy and proud to be second in the word, there's no more noble thing in sport to recognize the quality of your rivals."

This is something that the Barça parrots never do.

FC Porto 2016-2017 sequel series

Vem ai um Pacos de Ferreira - FC Porto!! Ui!!!
Esperemos que o FC Porto nao tenha que se levantar de novo ... 
Concerteza que o numero de penalties nao assinalados subira ate aos 20 ...
E a culpa do resultado final sera concerteza do arbitro.

Código de estrada

Déjá écouté

Desp. Chaves-FC Porto, 0-0, 3-2 gp (eliminação da Taça de Portugal, 19 Nov 2016)
Nuno: «Temos de nos levantar muito rápido»

TL: Moreirense-FC Porto, 1-0 (eliminação da Taça da Liga, 3 Jan 2017)
«Pressão existe, temos que nos levantar rápido»
Em conferência de imprensa, Nuno Espírito Santo disse que o FC Porto tem que se levantar rápido depois da derrota em Moreira de Cónegos.

terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Can't get this song and clip out of my mind!!

Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra are awesome!!!!!

Misters do Dia

Carlos Carvalhal. Um toque de classe.
Nelson Oliveira. Hat-trick de classe.
Boris Becker. When the going gets tough, the tough drink a beer. 

Palhacos do dia

A toast to ... the New Year

Ibrahimovic is a great player. I love his game. At 35, still scoring hordes of goals while playing in the Premier League. Fantastic!! Cheers!!!!! Aging like a fine wine, he says. Well said! if one considers that his talent is probably the natural consequence of Malcolm Gladwell's 10 thousand Hour rule that holds that 10000 hours of "deliberate practice" are needed to become world-class in any field.* And he knows he is not alone.
Therefore, in his honor, Bolague has decided to enter Mister fine wine Ibrahimovic in the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards! Sweden will finally have a place at the table.