quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017

Another parrot...


This Javier Quemente is just another parrot. It's unbelievable, the choir of parrots just before the Balon D'Or and now again ahead of the FIFA Player of the year award. For some reason they divided the awards, so that Messi has a chance of winning something.

 "He does different things and the sum of those parts lifts him to first place.

He must be talking about Cristiano Ronaldo!
Let's rank them, M and CR (0-10, except for the last item)
Passing M-10 CR-9
Dribling M-10 CR-9
Scoring M-9 CR-10
Speed: M-8 CR-9
Help in defense M-5 CR-7
Using the Head M-4 CR-10
Impact on club team M-8 CR-9
Impact on national team M-7 CR-9
National team titles M-0 CR-1

So, who's the most complete football player?

"Cristiano has better abdominals, a height advantage, and he headers better. There are thing that Cristiano does better, but Messi beats him in technique, ability and vision, and that's that.

What a clown! Did he really checked Messi's abs and make a comparison? Why bring the abs to the discussion?... As if implying CR7 is considered better because of his looks? Regarding height, Messi has an advantage, because a lower height helps him in doing the things he is praised for (passing and dribling), so Javier Comoelmente says CR7 is taller to concede something that is fallacious (because then he talks about heading the ball, so he's saying "he heads better the ball but as I just said he's taller...").

"He should be happy and proud to be second in the word, there's no more noble thing in sport to recognize the quality of your rivals."

This is something that the Barça parrots never do.

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