sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2017

You have to read it to believe it. Fired for telling a self evident truth

Barcelona exec fired for suggesting Messi is only so good because of his teammates

A high-level executive at Barcelona is out of a job after he suggested maybe Lionel Messi isn’t worth all the hype. Hours after Pere Gratacos, Barcelona’s director of sports institutional relations, implied Messi wouldn’t be as good without his teammates, the club announced he was being relieved of his role.
“Leo is one of the most important people in the team, but it’s not just about him,” Gratacos said after Friday’s Copa del Rey draw in Madrid. “He would not be as good without [Andres] Iniesta, Neymar and company, but Messi is the best.”
The club quickly issued a statement later Friday announcing Gratacos has been “dismissed” from his position “for having publicly expressed a personal opinion that does not coincide with that” of the club.
This is unbelievable. By dismissing him, Barcelona is acknowledging Gratacos is right.

How did he reach such conclusion? I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Gratacos' been reading Bolague...

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Meiguito disse...

WOW!!!! He didn't even say anything negative about Messi ... he just pointed out that soccer is a team game and that Messi plays in a fabulous team with other great players that work to make Messi's abilities stand out!!!! You get fired for that????????????

AD disse...

They realized he was not much of a parrot. He didn't repeat the exact words he heard at home.

LC disse...

pelos vistos, para nao ser despedido, em vez de dizer que Messi E o melhor em ««Não foi só o Leo. Messi é dos mais importantes da equipa, mas passou a equipa toda. Sem Inieste, Neymar, Piqué e companhia, o Leo não seria tão bom jogador. Mas é evidentemente o melhor»

Esta ave-rara que tanto envergonha a familia de papagaios deveria ter dito:
««Foi só o Leo. Messi é o unico jogador importantes da equipa. A equipa E o Messi. Qual Inieste, Neymar, Piqué, ... sem Leo esses couxos nem ganhavam não aos pastilhas. Mas é evidentemente o mais melhor de todos os tempos e em todo o continuo do espaco-tempo».