sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2015

CR7 is a Chile fan

For various reasons:

- Chile starts with a C, same as Cristiano.
- Both Portugal and Chile have islands with famous statues: Chile has Easter Island and the Moai; Portugal has Madeira (where CR7 was born) with famous statues AJJ (stayed in place for decades, by definition of statue) and the statue of CR7. In all cases, the questions remain: how did these statues get there in the first place? How come they are so much oddly looking?
- Similar to chili, Madeira has Feijoada à Madeirense, a nice bean stu.
- Chile national team has a red jersey, same as ManU.
-  He wants badly that the Chile national team wins the Copa América 2015. Like Portugal in other competiotions, they for several times have almost won the cup.
- And by the way, and by a big coincidence... if Chile loses... CR will also lose... the coveted Ballon D'Or.

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Captain Oblivious disse...

I disagree! Copa America is a regional competition. This year we had the Womans World Cup (Canada) and the FIFiA U20 World Cup (New Zealand). Two world cups!!! By the (i)logic of some gurus/princes of soccer, the best player of the world should either go to a woman athlete or to a youth. A female winner would be awesome and would do a lot for the sport!

AD disse...

Up to the 60th minute, Chile is giving a "ball bath" to Argentina.
Where is the world's greatest player??? Ah, he's not playing in this game.