sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017

Someone said Kylian Mbappe is the new Thierry Henry so Arsenull went crazy and tried to sign him up

Arsenull "swiss knife" Cofefwenger is active these days like crazy. He has a new contract and now he needs new players. The days when he didn't want to pay too much for players are gone. He heard someone saying that Kylian Mbappe is the new Thierry Henry so he went ahead to try to sign him to Arsenal for 100 million €.

Poor kid!! He wants to be champion again!! If he's going to move to England, and wants to be a far fetched champion, he better join Leicester City. If he wants to join a club that hasn't won for some time, he stands a good chance of being champion by going to Tottenham, instead. But going to Arsenal... he'd be going to a club that hates to win the Premier League! The irony is: if he wants a solid career, he'd better stay at Monaco; if he wants to gamble with his career, ok Arsenal is a sure bet...

Still, why Mbappe is the new Thierry Henry? Because of what? Color of skin? Why can't he be the new Jean-Pierre Papin or the new Platini or the new Zidane? They're also french...  (although some believe that is not the case of Henry).

So nice that Monaco apparently rejected this offer. Another loss for Arsenull Cofefwenger... what a loser.

Now, and speaking of Nice, why don't they just go ahead to Monaco's neighbors and sign instead Balotelli? That would be a sure bet for Arsenal. Great player, unpredictable, starts season well, but then colapses somehow mid-season. A true Wenger-style player.

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