terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2017

Making SC Portugal great again!!!

I, Cakana Meiguito, do hereby present my candidacy to the presidency of SC Portugal. If I win, I promise to make SC Portugal great again. We'll be the greatest soccer club of Lisbon, Portugal, Iberia, Europe, and the World. With me, SC Portugal will become number 1 again. We will win every game in all competitions, and win the Portuguese Super Liga and the UEFA champions league at least once a year.
I will make FPF rewrite history, making them acknowledge all the championships SC Portugal has won. 
I will fire Jesus! I will only hire Portuguese players and managers. I know the best players, and the best managers, and I will hire them. No more this thing of buying foreign players in September to sell them in January. 
I will promote the youths coming out of the Academia. The next Figo, the next Ronaldo! 
I will build a huge wall around Estadio da Luz, fill it with water, and make SL Benfica pay for the wall and the water.

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Meiguito disse...

Fellow SCP Supporters! It is time to help our team win. We should go the extra mile and do everything in our power! Like this fellow:

Feiknus Aabollen, finnish journalist disse...

Warning SC Portugal fans: Professor Çakana Manguito used to be known as a FCP supporter!! For example he helped FCP to win many years in a row!! Did he pay taxes for those jobs? And now, could he now be an agent of a rival power? Perhaps he wants to be elected president of SC Portugal so that he can promote and defend his own businesses as well as the hegemonic aspirations of FCP!!

Meiguito disse...

Feiknus is reporting fake news!!! There alternative facts are lies!!! My father, Cakana Manguito is not part of by bid to lead SC Portugal. Yes, my father was instrumental in FC Porto's success, but he has nothing to do with my aspirations for SCP.

Faux Noise disse...

Presidential interference in SC Portugal elections!!
Portuguese President of Portugal strongly criticizes the campaign led by Cakana Meiguito for the Presidency of SC Portugal:
«Há quem crie muros, a posição portuguesa é abrir os braços» - Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Ferdinand Person disse...

Make Portugal great again,
bring in the fifth empire.
Against the walls of hate and pain,
love is the invisible burning fire.

Pinky Floyd disse...

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the locker room
No locker room talk on the telly

Hey! Bruno! leave them players alone!!
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
Meiguito supports this message from Pinky Floyd