quinta-feira, 2 de março de 2017

Post-truth era

Yesterday I heard someone on the radio talking about how we now live in a post-truth era. How we had the "real fake" news cycle during the presidential campaign and how Donald Trump & company turned that on its head in recent weeks. Blablabla Blablabla ... all as if this is something that just happened.
Hell, no! It didn't just happened. You, talking radiohead, and friends, are idiots! You have no clue of what you are saying. Fake news, "alternative facts", historical re-writes, have been the bread and butter of the Trump base for many years, decades even. 
You must have not paid attention. Here is a short list of what the Trump base has rallied behind for years:
- Planned Parenthood does all sorts of illegal stuff.
- vaccinations cause autism.
- there is no scientifically valid evidence that fluoride in water is good for your teeth.
- there is no scientifically valid evidence for man-made global warming / climate change.
- there is no scientifically valid evidence for evolution.
- Obama's birth certificate is fake. Fake.
- Obama is a muslim.
- There was no civil war. It was a War between states and it was not about slavery. Lincoln made it about slavery. Total non-sense.
- in 1860 slavery was in steep decline and there was no need to go to war for slavery to end. Total stupidity.
- its ok to discriminate against "mexicans" because most of them are here illegally.
- Obama does not deport illegals, in fact, he buses them in!!!!!
- several localities in the US are run under sharia law.

And the list goes on and on ... 

Please!!!!! Give me a break!!!! Has this talking radiohead ever listened to Rush Limbaugh?

Donald Trump didn't make fake news ... fake news made Trump!!!!

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AD disse...

Even russian officials are now making a similar talk of fake news...