quinta-feira, 29 de junho de 2017

What a surprise!

Porto accuse rivals Benfica of using sorcery to win past two seasons

So what? For many years, FC Porto was doing the very same!!!! Yes, many people don't know this (that's why it's an occult thing) but in the time of Mourinho at FCP, the club was using the services of the one and only, the very famous among the ones who know him, quite unique character Professor Çakana Manguito! So now they complain that Benfica is contracting the services of Dr. Armando Nhaga??

In heyday of Prof. ÇM's activity, FCP was so successful... A last minute goal at ManU that paved the way to a brilliant champions league... in the previous year a win in the UEFA cup that had to go to extra time, with the heart of the President almost failing...

So, what happened in recent years? I think it has to do with money, in portuguese "guito". It's a basic truth that without guito, man... there's no Manguito.

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Prof. Cakana Manguito disse...

Isso mesmo, sem guito não ha Manguito. E eu nao aceito os Bitcoins. Para estes serviço eu cobro 5000 euros por hora, e 100 mil euros por época em regime de exclusividade. Acham caro ... pois bem, mas dinheiro para resmas, palettes, de administradores que não ganham títulos ha sempre.