terça-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2018

Ongoing conversation with FEDEX ... about 4 weeks in.

FEDEX: Your package is black and we cannot get it passed customs and deliver it to the final destination without the missing paperwork.

Meiguito: What missing paperwork?

FEDEX: (two weeks + long silence & a lot of other conversations about money & no word on the "missing" paperwork).

Meiguito: Actually, my package is blue and according to EU laws and regulations, specifically ruling 206/2009 - sections 3 and 6, as well as article 1 line 1, annex IV line 7, and article 4 - with these relevant ruling excerpts outlined here for your convenience, all blue packages are exempt and it is the carrier's duty to inform customers of all relevant rules applicable to their shipping situation. 

FEDEX: No, your package is black and it needs this additional paperwork. Please follow the following procedure. More details on this issue can be found in the attached documents that relate to the current regulations.

Meiguito: Finally, some info on the "missing" paperwork. However, dear FEDEX, I should note that your attached documents clearly state that my package is blue and therefore exempt. Hence, I continue to not understand the need for additional paperwork!!!

FEDEX: Oh! Hum ... ok, we'll try to get you package passed customs ... as is.

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gato fedorento disse...

Falta o papel ... qual papel? ... o papel ... Ah, o papel, mas que papel? ... aquele papel! ... Ah, aquele papel, o da ... Sim, esse mesmo! ... que se arranja no ... Precisamente! ... Mas qual papel? ... o Papel!

AD disse...

Que incompetência!!

LC disse...

Isso ... ou usam a ilusão de incompetência como uma forma de invocar plausible deniability.