terça-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2018

Ongoing conversation with FEDEX ... another week goes by ... and FEDEX really has no clue!!!

Meiguito: I'm calling because FEDEX Tracking keeps sliding my scheduled delivery date to the next day and I just want to know whats going on and when will the package be delivered. 

FEDEX Ms. Dirac: Let me see ... the notes I have say that the package has been placed in an abandoned area.

Meiguito: What? Since when?

FEDEX Ms. Dirac: Since December 27.

Meiguito: Oh! But since then, the local FEDEX representatives have told me, in writing, that the package has cleared customs and that I should await its delivery. So, how can it be abandoned? And by the way, the FEDEX Tracking site says my package is in transit! How can it be abandoned and be in transit?

FEDEX Ms. Dirac: Well, I could give the following convoluted explanation ... blablabla held in customs ...blablabla abandoned blablabla in transit blablabla ... but really I don't know. I will have to go find out. I'll put in a request for information on status of this delivery. You'll get a followup call probably tomorrow.

Meiguito: Ok. Please do that. I appreciate it.


Meiguito in deep thoughts: FEDEX doesn't know the status of my package delivery??? Who are they going to ask then? Who would know? ... I wonder, has FEDEX developed some form of quantum teleportation of packages?? There is an obvious quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving locations ... that would explain how my package can be in superposition of states: held by customs; located in abandoned area; in transit; delivered. How do I collapse this wave function to the single delivered eigenstate? What quantum measurement or observation is needed? What am I not seeing?

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