sexta-feira, 5 de maio de 2017

As expected, ban-annuled

Bladder is gone, but Messi is still the good guy for FIFA.

Lionel Messi: Argentina forward's ban lifted after appeal to Fifa

Four games was too harsh? Perhaps. But what about reducing to two or even to one game of suspension? That would still give an appearance of justice. Now with the ban lifted altogether, all this places a bad light on the judges that awarded that penalty to him, those bad guys... Now it is as if Messi is innocent... he's an angel (surely, along Di Maria).

There is no evidence to award the ban?? How about... footage? But of course, Argentina simply cannot go to the playoff for the World Cup... Or even worst, Argentina cannot be eliminated from Russia 2018. If the latter would happen, how could Messi have a chance to go for a 6th ballon d'or? With Dybala, Di Maria, Higuain and others playing so well, it will be the last chance for Messi to enjoy a big title with Argentina and therefore be a good candidate for a 6th ballon d'or. On the other hand, if Cristiano Ronaldo wins the 5th, he could well go on to win the 6th and overtake Messi.

Considering all that, FIFA simply had to lift the ban. It seems FIFA is still a Ban-annul republic.

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LC disse...

this allows messi to participate and own the argentina failure to qualify for the next world cup. wonderful.