segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016

Taxes??! Give me a break! Its Christmas.

Yes, the Obama auto bailout was a horrible decision. How could he loan tax payer money to save 1.5 million jobs and avoid over $100 billion in liabilities?!?! Crazy, right!? Outrageous!!!
The correct and right (aka conservative) way of doing fiscal policy that helps the economy is to give tax breaks to highly profitable corporations! Carrots for the successful and wealthy, and sticks for the poor and lazy! It works!! In 1995 Donald Trump took a "$916 million tax deduction" ... and Donald Trump has created at least 34 thousand jobs!!! WOW!!!
Corporate taxable income should be declared by Christmas ... on a "were you nice or naughty" form with just two questions:
- were you profitable?
- did you keep US jobs in the US?
If you were nice, Santa Trump will drop a tax break in your lap.

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