quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2016

The Bolague 2016 Golden Spittoon goes to the Barcelona Parrots!!!

I ask for a round of applause for the Barcelona Parrots!!!
They have truly outdone themselves this year!
After spending an entire year drooling themselves over the Balon d'Or. - they want it for Messi more than even Messi does!! - this lovely award is theirs!!!! Someone, with a heart, give this crowd some bibs! #bibsforparrots. #2016goldenspittoon.
The runner-up is Messi. Of course. For the countless times he puked on the pitch. No one bent over more times to spit this past year than Messi. He had a crappy, truly nauseating year, that's for sure!
In third place, we have Bruno de Carvalho, President of Sporting Clube de Portugal, for spitting Carlos Pinho in the face!!

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AD disse...

This is so good. Actually, it's spitacular!!